Candice Craig published this book to serve women all over the world who suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. This book started through her self-discovery of PCOS through numerous misdiagnoses and turned into a mission to reverse its process which took on a purpose much larger than herself.

Candice is a first generation Haitian Cuban American, born in Miami FL to immigrant parents. Growing up, Candice started dancing and doing gymnastics throughout her childhood and from 3rd grade began performing arts school for dance. By the age of 17, she was on the global stage dancing alongside Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Pharrell, JLo, & Chris Brown, among other stars. Her full-time career took her to the highest peaks in dance by the age of 25, where she featured in the film Honey 4: Rise Up and Dance.

Candice continued in performance and entertainment through singing, dancing and acting, moving to the city of Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Today, Candice has amassed a large social media following on all platforms, known as a top tier content creator with global brand recognition, an entertainment career that continues, and owns her beauty and apparel lined, VVIVIIVIII apparel and beauty, coming into its fifth year.

As a result of her career and life Candice was always in perfect health and in tune with her body. She could never make sense of how it began to deteriorate all of a sudden without any radical change in her routine and recognized, only when she found out it was PCOS, that she wasn’t the only one. This led her to finding a greater purpose and mission that has been served in the creation of this book.

Stay sweet,
The PCOS with Candice Team